Trails with higher/lower difficulty levels.
Land trails
Go walking through different jungle environments, (“tacuarales” (areas full of canes), low lands, streams and springs, etc.), or follow people’s footsteps into hunters’ hideouts. You will discover hundred-year-old lianas, crystal clear streams, animal tracks, waterfalls, and the incredible feeling of being immersed in one of the last remaining jungles of the world.
Water trails
Ideal for hot days. We take you for a stroll along typical jungle streams where you can swim in its waters or just walk on the rocks. Discover fabulous caves and animal burrows.

If you are lucky enough, you can even enjoy the company of a true local guide and a park ranger who will let you in on all the secrets of the area.

Comfortable footwear. For water paths, “alpargatas” (espadrilles) or rubber sandals, or any type of footwear that can get wet and hold your feet tight.
Bug repellent.


Flora and fauna sighting
As we are right next to Urugua-í Provincial Park and barely meters away from the Iguazú National Park borders, you’ll get the chance of seeing the most unique fauna, which can only be spot in areas such as this greenbelt.
Natural pools
The numerous streams in our reserve create endless natural pools.
For more information, go with a local guide and our park ranger.
Rural tourism
This is the place for you to be marveled by the farming activities of an area which has been forever inhabited by descendants of European immigrants, who still preserve traditional farming techniques, ox carts, railings, ploughs, etc. Visit matè, tobacco and tea plantations. Or jump at the opportunity of seeing how our next door neighbor, Brazil, works the land. We are so close, you can simply approach the Customs Office in San Antonio River and cross over to Capanema City or wherever you want.
Other places worth visiting
Orchid gardens. “Pesca y Pague” (a fishing system in pools where people pay what they fish). “Guaraní” aboriginal villages (“Guaraní”: the name of people who lived between Amazon and Plate Rivers, and their language). Waterfalls (Argentina and Brazil). Paraguay (Ciudad del Este). Urugua-í Provincial Park.
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